Texas Hog Hunting

Texas Hog Hunting

The best Texas hog hunting ranch near Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Waco, Texas.  We are two hours north of Houston, Texas off Interstate 45. From Dallas, we are two hours south off Interstate 45.  Our East Texas hog hunters routinely make a day trip to the 4J Ranch.  Motel lodging is available in  Centerville or Madisonville, within thirty minutes.  For a conveniently located exciting Texas wild hunt, the 4J Ranch is the best choice.

We guarantee you will see wild hogs.  Other ranches will guarantee you will see hogs, but not at a fixed price.  Every hunter will have an opportunity to kill multiple hogs at a fixed price.  Last year our hunters killed around one thousand wild hogs.

4J Ranch Texas hog hunting.  We operate with a different philosophy and pricing structure.  Other hunting ranches operate on a per pound basis. Our focus is on fast action shooting and killing multiple wild hogs.  You are not sitting around waiting for hogs.  Most importantly, we believe hunters should know their total cost before they make the trip. 

Texas hog hunting regulations.  Hog hunting ranches in Texas are regulated and licensed by the State of Texas.  One regulations that is not advertised or well known is that wild hog hunting must be within a fenced in area.  Another important regulations is that hog trappers can only sell wild boars for immediate slaughter or to a licensed, regulated Texas hog hunting ranch.  These are only two of the regulations pertaining to trapping, transporting, purchasing, retaining and hunting wild hogs. The exception to most of the regulations is open range hog hunting.

After twenty years of hosting wild boar hunts, we know many hunters say they only want to kill one or two wild boars. But, when a group of large wild hogs show up, there is an overwhelming urge is to continue shooting. That is a normal reaction and most ranches capitalize on it.  Kill five 200 pound hogs and it will cost you around 1,000.00.

Texas Wild Hog Shoot  is our most popular hunt. It is a unique Texas wild hog hunt. The ranch is set up like some the most elite hog hunting ranches in the world.  It is a fast action shooting event. You will be challenged to shoot multiple wild hogs running within the woods. Hogs are 30-50 yards from the shooters. The average hunter may go through 80-100 rounds of ammo during one hunt. Typically, hunters kill 90 percent of the hogs in their package.  

Hunters are within the woods facing one of the open areas.  The Texas Wild Hog Shoot begins at a starting location. Hogs run around the property and will cross the path of hunters.  A guide then escorts hunters to locate wounded or missed hogs. They return to the starting location and repeat the process. 

Texas hog hunting in blind: We also offer a unique blind hunt. The blind is a spacious, fully enclosed metal structure eight feet off the ground. It is a great hog hunting experience for the young or older hunter. Hunts are booked for the morning and/or afternoon.  A two hunter minimum required for booking, but the blind can accommodate three hunters.  An adult must accompany hunters under 18 years old.  We guarantee you will have multiple shooting opportunities.

All hunts are guided hunts.  Our hunts are proactive hunts with guides. You will always have a guide with your group. There are no other hunters on the property during your hunt.  Hunters are not sitting in a blind waiting for hogs to show up at a feeder.  Instead, our hunts are fun, active hunts with hunters walking or riding on trails to pursue wild hogs. There will likely be situations when your guide will take some members of your group to a different area of the property. All guides are armed for your protection and have a radio to communicate with other guides. You are not required to walk or run within the dense woods in-order-to kill wild hogs.

Fixed pricing:  All of our hunting packages include multiple kills. The best way to compare our pricing to other Texas hog hunting ranches is ask the question,  “What is the cost if I kill 5 wild hogs?” Most ranches cannot answer that question. That is because they have a  per pound fee tied to the weight of the hogs you kill. 

View a few ranch photos or view some videos of the Texas Wild Hog Shoot on YouTube videos: 4J Ranch Wild Hog Shoots, Leona, Texas

Texas Hog Hunt


There are free range hunts in Texas. They do not fall under the aforementioned regulations.  The problem is a wild hog is the smartest four legged animal found in this hemisphere.  Wild hogs quickly learn to avoid a hog trap or a blind. A wild hog will eat almost anything, dead or alive.  They can smell a dead animal miles away. The smell of gun oil, gun smoke, food and human scent will be detected by a hog long before the hunter can see it.  Unless the wind and environmental conditions are correct, the hunt will likely be unsuccessful.  

Other ranches charge a per pound fee.  Per pound cost increases with each successive weight range. The larger wild boar also have a trophy fee. 

At the time of booking a wild hog hunt at the 4J  Ranch, for an additional fee, you may request modifications to your Texas wild hog hunting package. You may want to add more hogs or larger hogs. Or, you may rent one of our semiauto rifles.

At least two weeks lead time is needed for booking a hunt. This time is needed to insure all aspects of the hog hunt are in place upon arrival.  All modifications are agreed to prior to booking hog hunt.

Family owned and operated: The 4J Ranch was established in 1999. The ranch is a reflection of our passion for hunting and improving shooting skills. Book a hunt at our ranch and your wild hog hunting/shooting skills will be improved. Each one of our hunts are action packed and not boring!

Notice: It is the responsibility of the hunter to have appropriate gear, wear appropriate clothes and footwear.  Always wear long pants and boots. The hunting area is a dense, wooded area with only hardwood trees, brush, thorns and briar. It is not a pasture area where you can see a great distance. There are trails to walk or ride on. It is a river bottom basin, so it can  be wet and muddy. There are poisonous snakes on the property.  Our hunts are for close range shooting not all weapons work well at close range, fast pass shooting.

If you want hogs skinned and quartered, the fee is listed within the pricing webpage.  Skinning/quartering service is payable after skinning service. 

Customized Texas wild hog hunting

Feel free to request a type of hog hunting event that you want. You may want to experience more than one type of hog hunt. For example: A blind hunt and a Wild Hog Shoot or, book two hunts on consecutive days with different events. We will do our best to create the type of Texas hog hunting experience you desire.

WIld hog shoot

Shoot Hogs With AR15, Semiauto OR Fully Automatic 

We offer semiautomatic or fully automatic AR15s as part of our services. The Wild Hog Shoot can include either one or both types of AR15s. Contact us for pricing and details.

View some our hog hunting photos.

Hog hunting group after for a wild hog shoot.

Hog hunting family and frinds.

For your Texas hog hunt call 832-452-8738 or Email for availability.

Why select 4J Ranch for your hog hunt?

1.   Hunter safety is a priority.
2.  Affordable hog hunting prices.
3.  Family owned ranch since 1999.
4.  Texas Hog Hunting all year.
5.  Multiple ways to hunt wild hogs.
6.  Easy access Texas I45 freeway.
7.  Houston and Dallas Texas within 2.5 hours.
8. Austin and Temple, Texas are within 2.5
9. Waco, Texas is with 1.5 hours from Ranch.

The Ranch is located near Leona, Texas off of Interstate 45.  It is approximately two and half hours from Houston or Dallas, Texas.

Great Texas Hog Hunting!
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