Wild Hog Hunting in Texas

Price Range 200 – 375 Per Hunter
Take down 20, 30 or 40 hogs in one morning

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Hog hunting in Texas at the 4J Ranch is a great wild hog hunting experience. The 4J Ranch offers three types of Texas wild hog hunts at affordable prices. First, we have typical ground BLIND HUNT.  Next, we offer the classic method of Texas hog hunting, the STALKING HOG HUNT. Our third hunt is our unique hunt the TEXAS WILD HOG SHOOT.  All three hog hunts are affordable Texas Hog Hunting Prices.  Make your reservations and BOOK YOUR HUNT today for a 4J Ranch Texas hog hunting experience.

Ground Blind Hog Hunt

The ranch has multiple ground blinds to hunt wild hogs.  Each blind comfortably accommodates two hunters and their supplies.

Stalking Wild Hog Hunt

Texas wild boar hunting on foot is a great way to experience the classic method of hunting wild hogs.  Hunters stalk wild hogs on foot or ride on an ATV to find wild hogs.

Wild Hog Shoot

The Wild Hog Shoot is a unique Texas hog hunting experience. Put your AR or AK into the woods for fast action shooting with a semiautomatic rifle.  Your group can take down 10, 20, 40 or 60 wild hogs during this four hour action packed Texas hog hunting event!


Why select 4J Ranch? 

1.   Affordable Texas wild hog hunt pricing.
2.   Family owned hog hunting ranch since 1999.
3.   Hunter safety is a ranch priority.
4.   4J Guides: 10 plus yrs experience.
5.   Texas hog hunting all year.
6.   A natural habitat for wild boars.
7.   Wild boars are always on ranch.
8.   Three styles of Texas hog hunts.
9.   Between Houston and Dallas.
10. Towns nearby with lodging.

Dallas, Houston, Austin

Killeen and Waco area

Texas Hog Hunting

  • Interstate 45 is 15 min.
  • Houston is 2.5 hrs.
  • Dallas is 2.5 hrs.
  • Waco is 2.0 hrs.
  • East Texas hog hunting
  • Good roads to ranch.

Wild Pig, Wild Boar or Wild Hog?

On my website I use the name wild pig, wild hog, or wild boar to identify the same wild animal.  The names are interchangeable.  A domesticated pig that escapes and lives in the wild is known as a feral hog, wild hog, wild boar, or boar. 

Great Hog Hunting in Texas!
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