Hog Hunt in Blind

Hunting hogs in Texas from blind.

The ground blind hog hunt is a popular method of wild hog hunting in Texas. Hunters are in a blind close to the baited area (40 yards). After some time, wild hogs arrive at the bait. At that time hunters take their shot.

All of our blinds are ground blinds. Each blind is a fully enclosed wood structure (4×8 feet). There is plenty of room for 2 hunters and supplies.  All blinds have two chairs. Hunters are escorted to their blind one hour before sunset. Most hogs are taken around 8:PM. The blind hog hunt is 5 to 10 PM.  A guest is welcome for solo hunts.

YouTube videos: 4J Ranch, Leona, Texas

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All of our blinds are equipped for shooting hogs at night. The ranch uses motion sensors to detect wild hogs at the corn. Red lights are used to illuminate wild hogs at the corn. Distance from the corn is approximately 40 yards.

Texas hog hunts for youngsters

We welcome young hunters eager to hog hunt in Texas. The hunting area is configured for learning and safety. The dense woods isolate each blind. Wide open pathways allows easy access blinds. Blind-to-corn is only 40 yards to afford hunters a successful head shot.


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