Hog Hunting Weapon

Texas Hog Hunting Weapons

Selecting the type of weapon for hunting hog in Texas is straight forward. Texas hog hunting license allow the use of any legal, center fire rifle or handgun.  At the 4J Ranch, the choice of weapon comes down to the type of hog hunt:  Is it a blind hunt, stalking hunt or wild hog shoot?

Weapon for Hog Hunting in Blinds

For our blind hunt, most any rifle will work.  Hog hunting blinds are configured for night hunting. The rile may or may not have a scope. Any rifle action is ok. Typically wild hogs are within 50 yards from the blind.  If you use a scope, have a scope with good light gathering capabilities. A good scope is  a 4x scope with a 30 mm tube diameter and a 50 mm objective lens.  Go to Hog Hunt in Blind for more details on our blind hunting.

Stalking Hog Hunt or Hog Shoot Weapon

During a Stalking Hog Hunt or Wild Hog Shoot, the hogs are 10-100 yards away and they are running.  The best rifle for these two hunts is a rapid fire weapon (AR15/AR10) with a red dot.

Texas Hog Hunting Ammo

Once a weapon is selected, you need the correct ammo.  For the stalk hunt or wild hog shoot, we ask our hunters to use a ballistic tip or soft point bullet for calibers less that 270.

Texas Hog Hunting Basics offers details on Texas wild hog hunting.

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