Texas Hog Hunting Basics

Texas Hog Hunting Basics

For a successful Texas hog hunt, a hunter needs to know the basics of wild hog behavior. Wild hogs are the most intelligent 4 legged land animal in the U. S.  Hunters should be able to recognize the preferred habitat of wild hogs. Know that wild hogs are more active at night with a bright moonlight.  Understand what weather conditions negatively impact wild hog hunting in Texas.  Finally, the wild hog hunter needs to know how to avoid detection by a wild hog.

Texas Hog Hunting Success Rate

Wild hog hunting success rate is a common question from hunters. We do our best to create hunting conditions for a high success rate. The hunting area is located within a natural setting for wild hogs. Distance from blind to corn is only 40-60 yards from the blind. This short distance makes it possible to have clean head shot. Each hunting area has motion sensors to alert hunters when a hog is near the corn after dark.  When the Texas hog hunting environmental conditions are correct, hogs will be on the move.

Texas Hog Hunting Environment

Environmental conditions are the most important aspect of successfull hog hunting in Texas. A bright moon needs to be within the time frame of your hunt. Moon illumination level over forty percent is best for wild hog activity.  During strong wind conditions wild hogs will be reluctant to roam around. Finally, temperatures over eighty degrees will reduce wild hog activity.

The photos below are of a 4J hunter that had a 100% success rate for his first seven hunts. On one hunt he killed 2 hogs with his young son in the blind.

4J Ranch hunter: 7 hogs and a bobcat in 7 Hunts. Below are his photos.


Wild hogs are smartest wild animal in U.S.

When hunting wild hogs in Texas, it is important to remember they are the most intelligent four legged animal in the U.S. For a successful wild hog hunt, a hunter needs to learn as much as possible about wild hog behavior.  The most important aspect of hunting hogs in Texas is not letting the wild hog know you are in the woods.

Wild Hogs recognize small changes. 

A wild hog will notice small changes within their surroundings. The wild hogs learn to modify their behavior to elude hunters.  In the case of a permanent blind, hogs quickly learn blinds are part of their surroundings. When hunting from a blind, be quite and keep everything inside the blind.

Wild Hog Hearing

First and foremost, for hog hunting success, do not create noise.  Hunters should get in the blind, immediately do everything to set up, then be still and quiet.  Our experience is that the typical wild hog has a short term memory of approximately thirty minutes.  If wild hogs hear a noise coming from the blind, be prepared to wait at least thirty minutes before hogs return.

Wild Hogs Vision

The second hunting basic: Wild hogs are not colored blind. They can see light verses dark, regardless of color.  Wild hogs instinctively look for any movement and color oddities in order to avoid predators.   Hog hunters must wear dark to avoid detection. Wearing a netting face mask will realty reduce the risk of being visually detected from outside the blind.

Wild Hogs extreme sense of smell

The third important hog hunting basic: Wild hogs have an incredible sense of smell. Hogs don’t need to see the hunter to detect their presence. They can smell the human scent up wind long before the hunter sees the hog.  Smoking or food anywhere on the property will alert wild hogs all over the property. Hunters should always use a liberal amount of scent spray to cover human odors.

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