Texas Wild Hog Shoot

Unique Texas Hog Hunt

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Use your AR or AK with our Texas Wild Hog Shoot. This is a unique hog hunt in Texas. It is a fast action shooting event. This event is all about the challenge of shooting a wild animal on the run.  Twenty wild hogs are released into the woods a few at a time. Using a rapid firing weapon, you will have the opportunity to take down running wild hogs at forty yards or less.

For this Texas wild hog hunt, your group goes into the woods with several guides. A few wild hogs are released to move through the woods. Eventually the wild hogs encounter your group. At that point everyone opens fire! During this hunt, guides will escort you to hunt down wounded wild hogs. The process of release and shoot continues until the number of hogs you requested are in the woods.

The minimum price for a Texas Wild Hog Shoot is 1,500.00. That is for 1-4 hunters with 20 hogs released. Your hunt can be in the morning or afternoon. Increasing the weight range, number of hogs or number of hunters will increase the price.

For pricing details refer to Hog Hunting Price.

For a higher success rate, hunters should use a rapid firing weapon (semi auto, lever action, or pump) without a scope. Typically, hunters using an AR will go through eighty rounds of ammo. For specifics on selecting a hunting weapon in Texas go to Hog Hunting Weapon.

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