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The 4J Ranch is a unique Texas wild hog hunting ranch located near the major cities in East Texas.  Hunters from Austin, Waco, Fort Worth, Dallas or Houston areas can drive to the ranch, kill 3-5 wild hogs and return home within the same day. Hog hunts are within a wooded river bottom basin of the Trinity river near Centerville, Texas.  Each year our customers kill around one thousand wild hogs.  No other ranch will guarantee multiple kills within an afternoon for a fixed price.  For a conveniently located, exciting wild hog hunt in East Texas, the 4J Ranch is the best choice.

The 4J Ranch is a family-owned hunting ranch established in 1999. The ranch is a reflection of our passion for hunting and shooting skills. Book a hunt at our ranch and your hunting/shooting skills will improve. Best of all, our four hunts are action packed and not boring!

Sitting in a blind, waiting to shot a few times at hogs standing around a corn feeder, is not exciting or challenging.  All of our wild hog hunts are action packed with hogs on the move.  It is not a question of seeing hogs, it is a question of how many wild hogs do you want to kill.  Every hunt affords the hunter an opportunity to shoot 60-80 rounds of ammo during our four hour hunt.

There are no other hunters on the property. At all times, guides are near or with hunters.  For the Blind Hunt or Wild Hog shoot, one nonhunting guest for every two hunters is allowed.  Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

We offer an action-packed blind hunt. The blind is a spacious,  fully enclosed, solid build metal structure eight foot off the ground. The blind hunt comfortably accommodates two shooters and one guest.  Hunting from this blind is like going to the shooting range with multiple opportunities to shoot at live, moving targets. The blind hunt addresses young or elder hunters that are unable to venture into the woods. One nonhunting guest can be in the blind with two shooters at no cost. Our blind hunt will improve shooting skills for the first time or inexperienced shooter.

Our other two hunts, the Wild Hog Shoot and Stalk Hunt, start out in the same location. The starting location comfortably accommodates eight shooters. Shooters stand in an open area within the woods. Hogs are released and run into the open area of the starting location. Wounded hogs are then pursued and killed.

For the Wild Hog Shoot, hunters shoot released hogs from the starting location.  Wounded hogs within view from the starting location are pursued.  Shooter then return to the starting location until all of their wild hogs are released. Once all of the wild hogs are released, hunters go around the property looking for wounded or missed hogs. Keep in mind, there are wild hogs already on the property, they are also fair game during the hunt.

The Stalk Hunt is for the more experienced hunter and shooter.  The hunt begins at the starting location. The shooting from the starting location prepares hunters for the fast reaction time necessary for the stalk hunt.  During the stalk hunt, hunters carefully walk into the woods to locate hidden and wounded hogs.  A hunter may be as close as ten feet from a hog hidden in a bush before it bolts out. The stalk hunt is an adrenaline rush!

By offering such a broad range of types of hog hunts with multiple kills at a fixed price, the 4J Ranch stands alone as the unique wild hog hunting ranch in Texas.

Notice: It is the responsibility of the hunter to wear appropriate clothes and footwear. There are poisonous snakes on the property. The woods have brush, thorns and briar.

Fixed pricing: All of our wild hog hunts will have a fixed price at the time of booking. There are no additional hidden costs per pound, trophy fees or guide fees.  Hunters can order additional hogs and/or larger hogs for an additional fee. Two weeks lead time for a booking is needed to aquire the number of wild hogs needed for any hunt.  Before booking a hunt, you will know the total cost.

If you want hogs skinned and quartered, that fee is a fixed price per hog. Skinning/quartering service is payable after skinning service. 

For our hog hunting prices go to: Hog Hunting Prices

Customized Texas hog hunting

Feel free to request a type of Texas hog hunting event that you want. You may want to experience more than one type of Texas hog hunt. For example: A blind hunt and a Wild Hog Shoot or, book two hunts on consecutive days with different events. We will do our best to create the type of hog hunting experience you desire.

WIld hog shoot

Shoot Hogs With AR15, Simiauto OR Fully Automatic 

We offer semiautomatic or fully automatic AR15s as part of our services. The Wild Hog Shoot can include either one or both types of AR15s. Contact us for pricing and details.

View some our hog hunting photos.

View YouTube videos: 4J Ranch, Leona, Texas

Hog hunting group after for a wild hog shoot.

Hog hunting family and frinds.

For your Texas hog hunt call 832-452-8738 or Email for availability.

Why select 4J Ranch for your hog hunt?

1.   Hunter safety is a priority.
2.  Affordable hog hunting prices.
3.  Family owned ranch since 1999.
4.  Texas Hog Hunting all year.
5.  Three types of Texas hog hunts.
6.  Easy access Texas I45 freeway.
7.  Houston and Dallas Texas within 2.5 hours.
8. Austin and Temple, Texas are within 2.5
9. Waco, Texas is with 1.5 hours from Ranch.

The Ranch is located near Leona, Texas off of Interstate 45.  It is approximately two and half hours from Houston or Dallas, Texas.

Great Texas Hog Hunting!
Email: tvenable@4jranch.net
Phone: 832-452-8738

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