Texas Hog Hunting

 Texas Hog Hunting

Texas Hog Hunting Houston and Dallas area.  4J Ranch is only two hours from Houston or Dallas airports. The family owned ranch was designed by avid hog hunters for a great a Texas hog hunting experience. There are three types of Texas hog hunts available. Hunters can create their own hog hunting package.  Each hog hunting package includes multiple free kills. 

Two of our Texas hog hunts are executed without other hunters on the property. During the Stalk Hog Hunt or Texas Wild Hog Shoot there are no other hunters on the property. Without other hunters on the property we can focus all our attention on your groups hog hunt and safety.

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A ground hog hunting blind at 4J Ranch.

Hog hunt in blind

Our best priced Texas hog hunt is the hog Hunt in a blind (4:PM – 9:PM). The ground blind hunt is a popular method of hunting hogs. The blinds are enclosed with room enough for two shooters and their supplies. Blinds are configured for wild hog hunting at night. Corn is on the ground less than fifty yards from the blind. Hog hunting basics has details on hog behavior. The blind hunt is great method for beginners to experience hog hunting.


Wild hog spotted in the woods.

Stalk Wild Hogs

Texas hog hunting at its best event is our stalk hunt (9:AM – 1:PM). If you want a full day of stalking, please let us know. Hunters and guide are on foot or ride on an ATV. We have wide trails in the woods to drive or walk on. This hunt is an adrenaline rush and a serious challenge!

Hunters shooting during the wild hog shoot.

Wild Hog Shoot

Hog Hunting in Texas is great way to spend time with family and friends in the outdoors. Your group will hunt together in the woods. Guides take hunters to different areas to shoot hogs trying avoid your group. The Wild Hog Shoot is a exciting half day in the woods Texas hog hunting.

The 4J Ranch wild hog shoot (9:AM – 1:PM) is our unique hog hunting event.  It is our most popular group hog hunting event. Your group may take down 10 to 40 wild hogs within the four hour hunt. The Texas Wild Hog Shoot is a serious adrenaline rush.

All day Texas hog hunts

If you want a full day of hog hunting, please let us know. You may want to combine different types of hog hunts for an all day event.  We will work with you to create the type of hog hunt you desire.

View some our hog hunting photos.

View YouTube videos: 4J Ranch, Leona, Texas

Hog hunting group after for a wild hog shoot.

Hog hunting family and frinds.

For your Texas hog hunt call 832-452-8738 or Email for availability.

Why select our ranch for your hog hunt?

1.   Hunter safety is a priority.
2.  Affordable hog hunting prices.
3.  Family owned ranch since 1999.
4.   Texas Hog Hunting all year.
5.  Three types of Texas hog hunts.
6.  Easy access Texas I45 freeway.
7.  Houston and Dallas Texas within 2.5 hours.
8. Austin and Temple, Texas are within 2.5
9. Waco, Texas is with 1.5 hours from Ranch.

The Ranch is located near Leona, Texas off of Interstate 45.  It is approximately two and half hours from Houston or Dallas, Texas.

Great Texas Hog Hunting!
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