Blind Hog Hunts

Ground Blind Hog Hunts

4J Ranch ground blind for hog hunting.

Blind hog hunts are from 4-9:PM. Each blind is located in an open area within the hardwood trees of a river bottom. Dense woods separates each blind. For hunter safety, blinds face the same direction. Blind position accommodates the prevailing southeast wind. For pricing, refer to Hog Hunting Prices.

Each blind is a fully enclosed. They are large enough (4′ x 8′) to accommodate two hunters and their supplies. Blinds have two chairs. There is a shelf below the front windows for guns and ammo. Blind windows are small so hogs do not easily see hunters moving in the blind. The small window is only good for rifle hunting. If a guest is sitting between the hunters, they will not have a direct frontal view of the corn baited area.

Inside one of the hog hunting blinds.


The hunting property is one mile from the ranch cabin. A road leads up to each ground blind. The ranch guide will escorts hunters to the hog hunting area. A guide then escorts hunters to the ground blind. The guide is not in the blind during the hunt. A ranch radio is in the blind for hunters to communicate with the cabin or the guide in his vehicle.  If the roads are muddy, the guide can pick up hunters from the blind and return them back to their vehicle within the hunting area.

When a wild hog is downed, the hunter radios his guide in the cabin. The guide returns to the blind and retrieves it from the hog hunting area. If the hunter wants the meat, the guide will skin and quarter the hog at the cabin property. The meat is then place in the hunter’s cooler and ice.

Youth Blind Hog Hunts

We welcome young hunters eager to hunt hogs in Texas. Blind configuration and easy access is perfect for a young hunter. The short distance from the corn allows young hunters to make a head shot.

Hog hunts for youth.