Hog Hunting Basics

Texas Wild Hog Hunting Basics

Hog hunting basics is concerned with understanding the wild hog’s ability to detect and avoid hunters. Surprisingly, hogs are the most intelligent four legged land animal in the Northern Hemisphere. Wild hogs are nocturnal in nature.  After sunset, they roam around foraging for food. Hogs are omnivores, eating vegetation and meat. Like most wild animals, they are not very active during bad weather conditions or low moonlight. Understanding hog hunting basics will improve any hunter’s success ratio. Texas Wild Hog gives a brief history of wild hogs in Texas.

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Hog Hunting Environment

The moonlight and weather plays a huge role in Texas wild hog hunting. A bright moon with a clear sky is the best condition. Extreme cold or hot temperatures will reduce hog movement. A strong wind or heavy rainfall will dramatically reduce hog activity.

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Texas Wild Hog sense of smell

The most important aspect of a hog hunting is the wild hog’s incredible sense of smell. Hogs don’t need to see a hunter to detect their presence. They can smell the human scent up wind long before the hunter sees the hog.

Wild Hog Hearing

Hogs hear better than humans. Take care to be quiet around the blind. Once in the blind, hunters should immediately set up and be quiet.

Wild Hog Vision

Wild hog vision is not as good as humans. Hogs may not see all colors as well as human, but they can see bight lighting and shadows.  Hunters should wear dark clothes or camouflage to avoid detection by hogs.

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Wild Hog Hunting Weapons

Selecting the type of weapon for a Texas hog hunt is straight forward. Any center fired hunting weapon allowed by Texas Parks and Wildlife may be used at the ranch. Essentially, rim fire weapons and fully auto weapons are NOT allowed at the 4J Ranch.

Weapon for Hog Hunting in Blinds

For our blind hunt, any center fired rifle will work.  The rile may or may not have a scope. Any rifle action is ok.  A good scope is  a 4x scope with a 30 mm tube diameter and a 50 mm objective lens. Rifles do not need night vision to hunt in our blinds.

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Stalking Hog Hunt or Hog Shoot Weapon

During a Stalk Hunt or Texas Wild Hog Shoot, hogs are 10-100 yards away.  For the stalk hunt, hogs are within 20 yards.  If hogs are recently released into the woods for the wild hog shoot hogs may be as far as 60 yards.  For both of these hunts the hog will likely be running.  The best weapon for these two hunts is a rapid fire weapon like the AR15,  AR10 or AK47 with a red dot or open sights.

Texas Hog Hunting Ammo

Once a weapon is selected, you need the correct ammo.  For the blind hunt or stalk hunt, we ask hunters to use a ballistic tip or soft point bullet.  During our Texas Wild Hog Shoot the FMJ bullet will work.

Hog Hunting License in Texas

A Texas Hunting license is necessary to hunt wild hogs in Texas. Whether you are a Texas resident or out of state hunter, a hunting license is required.  There are very few exceptions, none of these apply to paid hog hunting facilities.
Out of State 5 day permit is 47.00.

Hog hunting prices are listed on Hog Hunting Prices webpage.

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