Stalking Wild Hog Hunt

Hunt Hogs in woods

The Stalk Hunt is a classic style of hunting.  It is a challenging and exciting way to hunt wild hogs.  At least one guide is with hunters during this hunt. Hunter may go through the woods to spot or jump hogs out of hiding. Typically, hunters have a few seconds to acquire the target and make the shot.

Being prepared for the stalk hunt is essential. Every person walking in the woods must be armed. A semiautomatic rifle without a scope is best for this hunt. Snake boots or leggings are needed during most of the year (February thru November).  A small backpack for water, a snack and extra ammo is a good idea for a stalk hunt.

A stalk hunt can be booked for the morning or the afternoon. Morning stalk hunts are 9:AM – 1:PM.  Afternoon stalk hunts are 2:PM – 6:PM.  For groups of five or more, we prefer the stalk hunt is booked on a Saturday or Sunday. No other hunters are on the property during this hunt.

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