Stalking Wild Hog

Stalking Wild Hog Hunt

A stalking wild hog hunt is the classic style of Texas hog hunting.  A guide is on the property with hunters during our stalk hunts.  Hunters walk down wide trails or walk within the woods. Most often, wild hogs are seen while running away from hunter. Hunters have a few seconds to acquire the target and make the shot. No other hunters are on the property during this hunt. Our stalk hunt is one of the most challenging and exciting wild hog hunts in Texas.

Bing prepared for the stalk hunt is essential. Every person stalking must be armed. A semiautomatic rifle with a red dot works best for this hog hunt. Hunters should wear dark or camouflage clothes. Snake boots or leggings are needed during most of the year (February thru November).  During the rainy season, knee high rubber boots may be needed.  Review Hog Hunting Basics for more details on Texas hog hunting basics.

A stalking hog hunt can be booked for the morning or afternoon.  Morning stalk hunts are 9:AM – 1:PM.  Afternoon stalk hunts are 2:PM – 6:PM.  Other hogs hunts can be combined with a stalk hunt.  A great combination is a morning Wild Hog Shoot combined with an afternoon stalk hunt. The combined hunt would be 9:AM – 5:PM.  We prefer this particular combined Texas hog hunting event be booked on a Saturday or Sunday.

Finally, check weather conditions for the 4J Ranch, Leona, Texas prior to your scheduled Texas hog hunt. Contacting the Ranch for property conditions is a good idea.  The Ranch is within a river bottom basin of the Trinity River.  It can have poor ground conditions due to heavy rain or storm. Knowing the Ranch property conditions prior to the hog hunt will help in preparing for the hunt.

Stalking hog hunt success.Family stalking wild hogs.