Texas Hog Hunting Basics

Wild Hog Behavior

To be successful at Texas hog hunting, understanding wild hog behavior is essential.  Surprisingly, hogs are the most intelligent 4 legged land animal in the Northern Hemisphere. They are nocturnal in nature.  After sunset, they roam around foraging for food. Hogs are omnivores, eating vegetation and meat. Like most wild animals, wild hogs are not very active in bad weather conditions or low moonlight illumination.

Texas Hog Hunting Success Rate

What is the success rate is a common question. We do our best to configure hunts to afford a high success rate. The hunting area is located within a natural setting for wild hogs. Distance from blind to corn is only 40-60 yards. This short distance makes it possible to execute a clean head shot. After sunset, the area with corn on the ground has a motion sensor that detects animal movements near the corn.  We cannot control what the hunter does in a blind. The hunter and the ranch can only do so much, after that, it is up to the wild hog to cooperate.

Texas Hog Hunting Environment

A bright moon with a clear sky is the best condition for a successful hog hunt. The ideal level of moon illumination is over forty percent. Of course, the bright moonlight needs to be present during the time in the blind.

Finally, the outside temperature must be considered for a successful hog hunt.  Freezing temperatures will reduce hog activity.  When temperatures are over over ninety degrees during the day, hogs are not as active.

Wild Hogs extreme sense of smell

The most important aspect hog hunting basics the wild hog’s incredible sense of smell. Hogs don’t need to see a hunter to detect their presence. They can smell the human scent up wind long before the hunter sees the hog. Smoking or eating in a blind will spook wild hogs. Hunters should use a liberal amount of scent block spray to cover human odors.

Wild Hog Hearing

Hogs hear better than humans. Once in the blind, hunters should immediately set up and be quiet.  Our experience is that a wild hog has a thirty minute short term memory span.  If wild a hog is spooked by a noise emitted from the blind, they may not return before thirty minutes.

Wild Hogs Vision

Wild hogs are not totally colored blind. They may not see colors as well as human, but can see light verses dark.  The hogs are accustomed to seeing our ground blinds. They will instinctively look for any movement and light oddities in or around the blind.  Hog hunters must wear dark clothes to avoid detections. Wearing a netting face mask will reduce the risk of you being seen from outside the blind.

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