Texas Wild Hog Shoot

Texas Wild Hog Shoot

There is no other hog hunt like this in Texas!  We guarantees hunters will kill hogs. This is a unique hunting event created by the 4J Ranch. The Texas Wild Hog Shoot is by far the best price for a single hog hunt with multiple kills. This hunt is about having a fun, safe hog hunt with friends and family.

The process is straight forward. Hunters and guides are on the ground in the woods. Each guide has a radio to assist in monitoring hunter location and direction of gunfire. We release a wild hogs onto the property.  The hogs run through the property. Hunters eventually see the hogs and open fire! This process is repeated until we release all hogs purchased for the hunt.

Hunters shooting wild hogs running in the woods.

For a high success rate on this hunt, we recommend a rapid firing rifle (semi auto, lever action or pump).  Hunters using an AR15 (.223 caliber) may go through 100 rounds of ammo in four hours. The best sight configuration for the rifle is a red do or open sight. It is very difficult to acquire the target ( a running hog) with a scope. For specifics on selecting a hog hunting weapon, review our Hog Hunting Basics webpage.

Notice: It is the responsibility of the hunter to wear appropriate clothes and footwear. There are poisonous snakes on the property. The woods have brush, thorns and briar.

Large group of hog hunters

The standard size hog released for the  Texas wild hog shoot is under 100 pounds. There are a number of reasons we select young hogs for this hunt. The primary reason, a large hog is dangerous. Hunters can pay for larger hogs, if that is what they want.  Next, it is easier to take down a small hog with a small caliber. Good bullet placement on a running hog is very difficult. Finally, if the hunter wants to keep the meat, a young hog tastes better than an old, large hog.

Group of friends on a wild hog shoot.

The Texas wild hog shoot takes place within a wooded, forty acre track surround by a fence.  Certified Texas hog hunting facilities are required to have a retaining fence. Without a fence, wild hogs under hunting pressure will leave the area. Texas does not want wild hogs to move, they want them killed. Group of sucessfull hunters on a wild hog shoot.