Texas Wild Hog Shoot

A Unique Texas Hog Hunt

The 4J Ranch Wild Hog Shoot is unique for Texas hog hunting. We designed this fast action shooting event to guarantee hunters an opportunity to kill wild hogs. The standard Wild Hog Shoot includes twenty wild hogs for the shoot. A few wild hogs are released into the woods at one time. Typically, the running hogs are at a range of fifty yards or less.  Most hunters use an AR or AK and go through one hundred rounds of ammo in four hours. Shooting skills determines how many hogs are taken down.

For this Texas wild hog hunt, hunters go into the woods with several guides. A few hogs are released into the woods. Most of the hogs run into a wooded area where hunters are waiting. Some of the hogs will run into the woods and are not seen by the hunters.  At some point during the hunt, guides escort one or more hunters into the woods to locate missed or wounded hogs. The process of, release and shoot, continues until the number of hogs purchased are in the woods.

The minimum price for a Texas Wild Hog Shoot is 1,500.00. That is for 1-4 hunters with 20 hogs released. Your hunt can be in the morning or afternoon. Increasing the weight range, number of hogs or number of hunters will increase the price.

The standard size hog in a wild hog shoot is under 100 pounds. The primary reason is that hogs over 100 pounds are more difficult to kill without proper bullet placement.  Keep in mind, the hogs are running and good bullet placement is not likely. A wounded hog may not be found. The ballistic tip AR15 ammo, the AR10 rifle or an AK Rifle are recommended for larger than our standard size hog.

For a higher success rate, hunters should use a rapid firing weapon (semi auto, lever action, or pump) without a scope. Hunters using an AR may go through as much as 100 rounds of ammo in four hours. For specifics on selecting a hunting weapon in Texas go to Hog Hunting Weapon.

A great price for a group of shooters to kill a bunch of hogs in one morning!

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