Texas Wild Hogs

Texas Wild Hogs

Why hunt Texas wild hogs?

Texas wild hogs are found all over the state. Their population is in the millions. They have no natural predators. Wild hogs damage property at the tune of $300 million each year. The presence of wild hogs also reduces resources for other wildlife.  Wild hog hunting will not likely eradicate wild hogs.

Wild Hogs are not native to America

It is believed that Christopher Columbus introduced hogs into this part of the world during his trip to the Caribbean. In the 1530s, Hernando De Soto introduced the hog to Florida. In the 1540s De Soto explorers took domestic hogs to the Texas territory.  Some of the settlers in Texas let the domestic hogs roam free.  As a result, the domestic hogs adapted to the wild. Within two generations they transformed into a mean hairy wild hog. The released domestic hogs physically transformed into the hog known as a feral hog.

Texas wild hogs are mixed breed.

In first half of 1900s, Eurasian wild boars were brought to Texas. Eventually they bred with the other feral hogs. Today there only a few purebred Eurasian wild boars left.

Wild hogs all over Texas

There are millions of wild hogs in Texas. Approximately half of all wild hogs in the United States are in Texas. Even if a local wild hog population is reduced by 70 percent, the original population will return within two or three years.

A female hog (sow) begins breeding around 8 months of age. Gestation period is just under 14 weeks. The average number of piglets in a liter is around seven.

Wild hogs eat meat or plants.

Wild hogs are omnivores, eating meat or plants. Meat provides about twenty percent of their diet. They devour or destroy whole fields of rice, sorghum, beans,  potatoes, and fruits. Wild hog also eat nuts, grass and hay. Corn farmers find that wild hogs forage methodically down the rows during the night.

Solo wild hog in the woods.

Texas Wild Hog Hunt

The wild hog is one of the most intelligent four legged animals in North America.  It has the ability to see, hear and smell things that are new or out of place in its natural surroundings. Before hunting wild hogs it is important to understand their abilities detect and avoid hunters. Hog Hunting Basics gives a brief overview of what to expect when hunting wild hogs in Texas.